The scope of services:

Conservative dentistry:

Fillings and reconstruction of tooth crowns with the use of light-cured composites, aesthetic dentistry: removal of plaque, teeth whitening, dental jewellery, porcelain and composite veneers, dental prophylactics: removal of tartar, fluoridation, sealing and lacquering of milk and permanent teeth.


(root canal treatment) of all teeth with the use of digital radiography.

Periodontal treatment:

Non-surgical and surgical treatment of inflammatory conditions of tissues surrounding teeth, correction of pathological lesions within the mucous membrane of oral cavity with the use of microelectrosurgery, tooth splinting (immobilisation), dental guards, relieving apparatuses and NTI occlusion splints.

Prosthetic treatment

With the use of classic acryl, frame, and nylon prostheses, acetal partial dentures and metal-ceramic crowns, crowns made of precious metal, zircon, full-ceramic crowns, combined prostheses with the use of glass supports, partial dentures without cribs (bolts, press studs and telescope crowns), prosthetic reconstruction of broken teeth with the use of glass fibre inlays or customised inlays.

Surgical treatment:

Removal of teeth, including difficult extractions of broken teeth, frenuloplasty.

All procedures are performed with the use of local anaesthesia, which reduces pain to the minimum.

We cooperate with orthodontics and implantology specialists.